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Golf Swing Analysis

Our GASP Golf Swing Analysis Video Software offers all sports the opportunity to analyse their movement as never before, it will help you to develop all your golfing techniques, ranging from swinging to putting.

The system's integrated drawing tools and comparison options allow you to understand your golf swing at a whole new level and compare yourself to some of the games greatest players!


The VFit™ systems in place at the academy provide a comprehensive set of tools for our fitters to track each player’s club head, shaft or ball performance. Shot plotting with 13 different colours make tracking average values easy.

The software's built in functions also allow the creation of models demonstrating optimum ball performance. This makes the vector monitor software the complete package for a comprehensive custom fitting session.


SkyTrak is a revolutionary development in launch monitoring technology. Its a small package with a lot of power, it captures and analyses images of the golf ball at impact, it uses high speed photographic techniques to measure the golf ball and provide an accurate analysis of ball speed, distance, lauch angle and spin.

Our swing studio is located adjacent to the pro shop for more details and further information click on these links for SkyTrak Benefits and details about the Swing Studio.