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Meet the team

Our Greens Chairman for 2019 to 2021 is Mr John Grantham, who is responsible to the members of Shirley Golf Club for all aspects of the course, the greens staff and managing the greens budget. The Greens Chairman is accompanied on this task by 4 other members, acting as Greens Captains, who all take responsibility for reporting on the condition of the course, advising of issues and the need for improvement in any aspect of a particular hole.   

Meet Andy and his team. These are the guys that work tirelessly to develop, maintain and present our course. Whatever the weather, they are up and out well before dawn, running their planned schedules as best they can while of late, the weather does it’s best to interfere and properly put the dampeners on their day! These guys are our unsung heroes, so please be courteous when you meet them out on the course, give them right of way when you’re playing so they can crack on with making our course better year on year. That’s what they do. A wave and a smile from a member makes their day!