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After a record breaking wet October, the rain continued through lockdown making maintenance difficult. However, we were determined to make the most of this period, having no disruptions to work by completing some projects. The club were very supportive as always, allowing us to use contractors where needed. At times there were three separate contractors operating on the course at the same time, which took a bit of organising but I am really pleased with the results.

As with the last lockdown, it’s amazing how confident the deer become with no golfers on the course, and we saw a lot during those days. It’s good to appreciate the nice environment we have at Shirley!

5th Pond

Vegetation had taken over most of this pond and we were in danger of losing the feature. We hired in specialist contractors who removed the vegetation, leaving us with a lot of work to remove it from the bank. This was a great success though and worth the effort.

Whilst working in this area, we renovated the path, laying a new surface. We moved the fence slightly to narrow the path and reduce the amount of material needed.


We brought contractors in to use a verti drain and verti quake on the fairways. This opens up the profile to break down thatch in the turf, improve drainage by moving water away from the surface and improve root growth. With a continued annual programme we will definitely see the benefits to the fairways.

Tree pruning

·      Oaks right of the 2nd were cut back along the hedgerow.

·      The trees on the 3rd river bank which were pulling balls down have been cut back.

·      Poplars on the 6th winter tee pruned.

·      Oaks right of the 16th towards the green pruned.


Again, contractors were used to cut back a lot of the overgrown hedges around the course.





6th Path

A new path has been installed from the men’s summer tee, to the ladies’ tee. To minimise tracking in the wet conditions, we utilised some of the spoil to rebuild the ladies’ 6th tee. Whilst down there we reshaped the fairway bunker taking away the steep face. As with the 5th, this has really tided up and improved the whole area.



Essential Maintenance

Greens, tees and approaches have all received a winter feed. Aeration has continued throughout on the greens with star slitting and deep slitting. With the mild weather, disease incidence was high and a fungicide applied to prevent an outbreak of fusarium. Although the leaf colours have been beautiful this year it is a daily task clearing leaves and uses a lot of man hours.

We have a couple of days now in which to get the course ready for the return of golf and we look forward to seeing you all again.