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Shirley Golf Club

Shirley golf club code of conduct


Shirley Golf Club (the club) is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment that is free of discrimination, harassment and intimidation for members, employees and guests.

This code of conduct is not intended to create a bureaucratic, regulatory environment, but rather to enhance our club’s values and improve members’ enjoyment of the club’s facilities.

All members and visitors are reminded that an acceptable standard of behaviour must be maintained at all times, both on the course and within the clubhouse.

Unacceptable behaviour towards members of staff, officials and all other members will not be tolerated, and disciplinary procedures may be taken out against members who contravene this code of conduct. Members may not reprimand any members of staff, but should refer complaints to the club administrator, as detailed below.

General provisions

Members must not bring the club or the sport into disrepute. Whenever visiting other clubs, either as a representative of the club, or in a social golfing situation, members are expected to adhere to the standards outlined in this code of conduct.

Members’ postings on all social media platforms must not be injurious to the club, its staff, or its membership. The club’s social media policy must be respected.

The possession and/or use of illicit drugs anywhere on club property is strictly forbidden. Anyone found to be in possession of illicit drugs on club premises will incur immediate suspension and loss of membership.

Violent, abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated and members found to contravene these standards will be subject to disciplinary procedure.

In the Clubhouse

Members, guests and visitors are reminded that:

  • Consumption of excessive quantities of alcohol is not permitted by law. Please do not be offended if service is refused.
  • The use of foul or abusive language has no place in the clubhouse and any member heard using unacceptable language may be asked to either stop or to leave the premises.
  • The use of mobile phones for telephone calls is not permitted within the main rooms of the clubhouse. However, free Wi-fi is available and such devices can be used on silent so as not to cause distraction or annoyance to fellow members or visitors.
  • Whilst fully acknowledging that adult “banter” contributes to creating a healthy atmosphere among members, these rules are designed to safeguard others who find such banter offensive or intimidating.
  • The use of E cigarettes is not permitted inside any area of the clubhouse.
  • All members and guests must adhere to the clubhouse dress code, which may be found on the club website in the section entitled ‘the Golf Club’.

On the course

All golfers must:

  • Treat the safety of themselves and others as a priority. Shots must not be played when a person is in range. Never stand in the possible line of other players’ shot or swing arc. You must ensure that you play your shot only when it is safe to do so. Greens staff always have priority on the course. The club recommends that you always ensure that you hold appropriate insurance cover.
  • Avoid slow play, apply ‘ready golf’ principles and allow other golfers to play through as appropriate, waving the following group through when searching for lost balls and maintaining the speed of play by keeping up with the group in front. If a group sees it is causing a group behind to wait, but has no group immediately ahead of them, they should call that group through, and continue to enjoy their game at the pace with which they feel comfortable.
  • Where a match is being played, competitors should be called through by non-competitors where appropriate and reasonable.
  • Adhere to the dress code displayed outside the clubhouse.
  • Adhere to the R&A and local rules of the course.
  • All players must generally care for the course and pay consideration to players following them, by repairing divots & pitch marks and raking bunkers. Any player who disregards these considerations should not be offended if their playing partners are obliged to remind them to effect these repairs after playing a shot.
  • Show the necessary respect to fellow golfers at all times, All members and visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner and not cheat, disrespect employees, officials or fellow players. Members who are concerned about breaches of this code or the Rules of Golf should approach a member of the management committee in confidence with the details.
  • Switch mobile phones to silent on the golf course, and use them only in emergencies.
  • Shirley Golf Club is private property and should only be used by authorised persons. We do however owe a duty of care towards all persons on the course, whether they are authorised or not. If a member sees any trespassers, they should report their presence either to the pro’s shop or a member of the greens staff at the first opportunity. If they feel comfortable to do so, they may approach such trespassers and alert them to the potential dangers of the course and offer directions to the exit. Members must not attempt to use any force to remove them, and should walk away from any potential confrontation.

Complaints and Protests

Complaints must be made in the first instance to the Shirley Golf Club administrator in writing or by email, preferably within 3 working days of the matter occurring. Wherever possible a complaint will be dealt with by reply, but if its nature is more serious, the complaint will be referred to the management committee, which will appoint a director to investigate the offence and determine whether further action is required. If such action is required, the matter will be dealt with in accordance with the club’s disciplinary procedure.

This Code of Conduct is applicable to all Members of the Golf Club, Guests and Visitors.